October 1, 2008

i’ve been in italy for about a month now. and feelings are still somewhat mixed. its great to be here. its great that im learning and experiencing and am exposed to something beyond the USoA but, i feel like im in the wrong place. but i have tons of life ahead of me to further explore i guess. so i should just shutup. im lucky. enough said.

last week i got involved with the florence international theatre program. i met a wonderfully brillant woman, bari. who went to syracuse and then harvard for acting and has lived this crazy life trying to support that acting career. and ended up here on a whim and started this program. she wrote a play called networth abt it and we put that on this past sunday. i worked along side her, a dutch woman who did lighting on top of whatever else- trui. and a girl from FUA- florence university of the arts. it was rad. four woman. put on a play, i got involved just a week before the production went up.  it was intense. late rehearsals everynight. long days. etc etc. the life of the theater. i fucking love it. i ran subtitles. as it was in english and there were plenty of italians in the audience. i learned a lot already from bari and trui. a lot. i felt better abt me being here, even if it may not be the right place. i felt reassured.  it also gave me more of a sense of independence. the fact that i went out, driven to find some piece of self in this foreign city, reached it, got involved, learned from it.. while doing it all on my own. i dont know. that means something. i like that perspective. i felt empowered walking around this city at night alone bc i was walking to and from a job. i had something to do with my nights other than what the city offers to its american students: bars. and that made me SO glad. so glad. i hate the night life here seems so restrictive. so pigeon holed.

and last night i went to a meeting that FITC (florence international theater company) guides. guides? not the right word.. anyways. its called SGE- student generated event. every semester theres a topic and you dicuss. mediate, react to that topic in some way whether it be some form of performance art, visual art, exhibition, spoken word, song, yada yada. the theme is, what is democracy? we were just discussing how empty that word really is. how when asked, if one doesnt really have an answer yet lives in one.. how relevant is it that its the system of government ruling us.  how the idealism behind the word democracy has seemed to have faded. yadayada. thats just for now. ideas ive had of response? theres this one involving murals of individuals around the world with word blurbs/statistics regarding how democracy, which is supposed to be a governemtn of the people affects these individual people. i am studying figure drawing this semester. maybe i could put it to use in another way. id exhibit that. another idea i had was to tap back into speech- do some research and find some alternative literature on democracy from different views and act out the characters of each view back and fourth… its hard to explain. bringing life to a mixture of literatures compiled.  but yea, this sort of thing is going to start meeting once a week until when the event- student generated EVENT happens. around november 20 or something.

another topic. how different cultures view relationships. ah, thats for later. this is too long as is.

and i just got somewhat obsessed. okay obsessed with the band?/singer?/musical artist? lykke li. from sweden. i dont know if shes old  news. but shes new to me.


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