November 13, 2008

i dont own enough long sleeve shirts.

i wish i owned a jacket nicer than the babypoop green one that i brought with the intentions of just in case.  like the one i owned, that i bought in bologna, that was stolen two weeks later in galway.  fuckers.

the heat is on a timer here. i feel like im never here when the timer is on. so i stole my roomates space heater. it feels pretty great right abt now in my small single room.

i hung out with a guy named giotto for some time. but now i have my necklace back and he is no more. and thats probably better for all cases. not an italian for the record.

i really feel very unacademic as of recent. i need to not be in school.  i cant do it. not now. dont even get me started on whats going to happen when next semester comes. its all up in the air now.

solitaire is my newest addiction. it is never not open on my computer. if its not open to the screen its at least tabbed and waiting and calling my name to reopen it. the score to beat is 111 seconds. i dont care if you beat it. its a solo thing. pretty relevant to my life status and life style right now. thats not negative though. although i need to kick the addiction. its out of control.

i have 4 weeks left come sunday. thats fucking weird. really fucking weird. going homes going to be a strange transition. i think the first week ill sleep a lot. not eat a lot. and just have hang outs. we’ll see. christmas will be around the corner. holidays are always strange feeling. somewhat foreign. but seeing the family [should] be good.

traveling was wonderful. maybe sometime ill load some of my journal pages into this journal. i have pages on pages over this one.

this space heater is going to make me not want to leave this room for class. damn.

i wish i had more money for travels. or just in general. i would buy lots of gifts. and maybe a few things for me. life would be full of materialistic happiness and satisfaction. and thats what everyone wants and needs isnt it?

oh, and for a point of entertainment, for halloween, i went as a drunken zombie.

fyi: the statues arent alive in there. just the real thing. the originals. from which the exterior statues are copies of. however the buildings not accessible and theyre just hanging out inside of there with no one to view them. funny thing is, a lot of books of traveling and tourism with florence, say to go there bc its listed as a museum.. too bad its not accessible. and those poor statues are all alone with no body to lookat them. thats what i was trying to get across.

that’s all for now. i have mixed feelings upon returning. theres things i cannot wait for and things that i rather not go back to at all. so its bittersweet. almost like coming here. but at least now, im knowledged in whats where. and what might be better for me now. at least i know that. ill update sooner. i just cant write right now.

my friend blake is going to visit next week and i feel like that will remind me of home a lot. i look forward to him coming.


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