hello boston.

December 18, 2008

i’m going to miss that place.

that bridge, in the picture, i decided is my favorite bridge there.
its the bridge adjacent to the ponte vecchio. those triangle supports just underneath the lip of the
wall of the bridge, are great for sitting thinking reading writing picnicking and slipping away from the bustle
of the city. ive had moments there involving all the above.
not to mention, the significance of the walk over that bridge.
but, that’s my memory.

i really cant believe im back. man.


a thought on separation

December 10, 2008

late night thought
late night thoughts
separation separation separation
thoughts and feelings
a n d
the n doesnt break evenly.

airport monday morning.
sunday morning flight
actuality is what counts.
punctuality is what matters.
matters of the heart? ah
bologna. they pronounce that right here.
not back home.

home? this has become that now.
and now its time to leave.
travels, ive done some. not like them.
i kept to this town. this place.
felt it out. felt it

home is where the heart
is. is that that truth.
sono vero. non lo so., ah the
language the art.

bonerdeath. to her? to him.
probably not.
separation separation separation.
“i only have a week left”
convenience? probably
so. so what.

nothing matters.
those dont really exist.
imagination figments.
bodily tortures.


everything fits now.
why must i come back?

i have a lot to say.
no energy to say it.
just an overall bummer.
minus seeing the people i love of course.