listen to deer tick.

February 27, 2009

beer dick?

besides that, i move to providence on sunday. jeff’s going to move me in. im pretty stoked. i move into 17 mules- a communal warehouse space in onlyville, providence. rach and i are sharing a room there for the next few months. i might stay longer- depending. itll be nice to have a homebase again. classes at the bac end in mid march and then ill just be working out of ri , except on the weekends.

im confused about a lot of things in my life right now. directional. theoretical. moral. educational. but i think im doing well. im experiencing a lot and keeping busy and testing all these unknowns. im not getting direct answers in any which way but things are piecing together. and what doesnt is my mystery now. its what i miss of italy. the mystery. so im actually okay with those unknowns, unlike before when the would rattle my bones and stir my head and keep me up late with anxiety. im happy with things at the present. really happy.

im just eager to be done with school. i feel like all the reading im doing is interesting but this semester long group project on the social aspects of architecture isnt really thrilling. nor do i think i will get that much out of it. but what do i know.

i faced a fear unintentionally. it shook my bones and made me want to vomit. but i got over it and now i feel better. progress.

OH and. im an official dagger.


One Response to “listen to deer tick.”

  1. Rae said

    We’re going to have a great season together!

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