July 13, 2009

so its been a really long time since i last updated.
i live in providence in a warehouse space there known as 17 mules and its been a great great time. between bike adventures, the exposure to a ton of noise music, different happenings nightly, journaling, reading, good eats, dance parties.. i dont even know. i have nothing to complain of. the people i have met and made friends with are unbelievable. UNbelieavble. the community is smaller here and theres a greater amount of respect to the idea of the individual. at least thats how i see it. i mean, there are a lot of things that can be.. eh problematic with livng in such a smaller community. but at the same time, the way that the underground scene in providence comes together and demands a presence.. is awesome. completely awesome. i really really dig providence. i feel at home in myself and my surroundings and my folks here.

positive positive positive.

as of wednesday ill be living in a car though traveling west. with chris and his friend cat. out to LA and then bouncing around up the west coast until my return sometime in august.

as for then, i really want to head to london. to see giotto. but who knows money wise. not to mention college loans. i really hate hate hate money. i dont know abt these updates. but thats all for now.