one more.

September 30, 2009

quincy tomorrow.


i miss this place.

September 30, 2009


hair growth

September 29, 2009

braids are now possible.

Photo 23

ben nichols

September 29, 2009

sometimes being sad for no reason is comforting. but this is not those times.
off to hang out with some wonderful friends.

this was one helluva post.

how to stop a sneeze.

September 27, 2009

in a fit of sneezing yesterday, i wikihowed how to sneeze. some of my favorite suggestions were/are:

  • It is often possible to stop a sneeze late in the build up by sucking the tip of your finger. This works right up until the point when you actually initiate the sneeze.
  • Using all of your concentration, visualize a grapefruit. Imagine having one in front of you and observing the color, texture, shape, and any irregularities. Think about what happens when you cut it, and the color and amount of juice inside. This should distract your brain from the imminent sneeze.
  • This works for some people; Think really hard about sneezing
  • Think of a purple cow, it will make you completely forget about the sneezing.
  • For this one you will need a friend. Have him/her stand directly behind you, and then try and imagine yourself eating a very spicy taco. While you are doing this, have your friend flick your ear as hard as they can several times. This will overload the neural sensation preceeding the sneeze.

these ones are more practical. or at least seem to be, maybe they’re all just a hoax. i’ll never know until i test them all out.

  • Chewing a sugar free slightly menthol or spearmint gum helps to stop sneezing fits.
  • Hold your breath since right before you sneeze you take a breath so if you hold your breath you won’t sneeze.
  • Try taking a big deep breath in, simple & discreet for those occasions when needed.
  • Tap on your forehead between your eyes when you feel a sneeze coming on.
  • Push fingernail between teeth at gum line, bottom-row teeth are most effective. Repeat as necessary.
  • Clench your teeth together, but try to stick out your tongue (use the muscle to push against the backs of your front teeth).
  • Try using your finger to push up on the bottom of your nose as soon as you feel the tingling.
  • Your eyes instinctively close when sneezing. Holding your eyelids open will prevent your body from allowing a sneeze to occur.
  • Wiggle your ear lobe gently as you feel a sneeze coming on. This can look like you are playing with an earing or something, but does effectively stifle a sneeze.
  • Try using your thumb and index finger to firmly squeeze the bridge of your nose, pushing slightly toward the corners of your eyes. If you attempt this too late, your hand is already in front of your mouth and nose.
  • Press the top of your upper lip with a finger.
  • Pinch the tip of your nose when you feel that first tingle.
  • Press your tongue behind your two front teeth, where the roof of your mouth meets the gum palate or alveolar ridge. Press hard with your most powerful muscles against your teeth until the tickling sensation dissipates.

thanks wikiHow!

ropeburn magic

September 27, 2009

all this time alone
and wanting
all this time wanting to not
this push and pull, where are the strings
the tug on my heart
the strain on my head
tangles and snarls
ropeburn magic
leaves me here sleepless
searching the words
filed under “i dont know”
should be read as, to learn
push her a little more,
she has to learn to fall
drop the strings,
ready to dive

September 26, 2009

“that should be the picture of the dust ruval of the book you write.”

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Photo 182


1 sean mofuckin lynch
2 eyeless

may 19 people have plenty of energy, all right, but have to learn hose to keep it under control and direct it well, this is indeed crucial bc many born on this day have great leadership potential. although they often go through trying times, both physically and emotionally, they emerge successful when their purpose is focuses. their energy can be quite elemental, like the weather. it is perhaps best put to use in long- range projects involving the building of structure in social or family life.

may 19 people are usually self- taught and value a natural approach to their work. they get in trouble, however, when they overuse logical and reasoning faculties at the expense of intuition. when they think too far into things they may end up quite removed from their original intentions, for it is the promptings of their heart which is noblest in them.  indeed, their heart is like a ship’s compass, that keeps them on course, and they should look to it for direction.

for both men and women born on this day a powerful figure of the same sex (usually older) often becomes a central person in their lives. if they encounter such an individual in their formative years, the person may become a kind of teacher or initiator into the ways of the world. may 19 people can well find inspiration in books or in works of art but until they meet a flesh- and- blood figure who takes an interest in them, they may be confused as to how they can best utilize their talents, or take their place in society.

and what are their natural gifts? first and foremost, their talent to communicate; second, a depth of charisma; third, an ability to convince friends, family members and colleagues of what the proper course of action is at any given time. for highly evolved persons born on this day eloquence is a powerful tool; for the less evolved it may  merely manifest as glibness or superficiality. may 19 charm  and persuasive talents can make for an extremely inspiring person or, in the worst case, a kind of con-artist.

there is a definite need for may 19 people to submit to some form of spiritual training in their lives, as well as a well-regulated social structure in which to operate. sometimes overly concerned either for their own material security or that of others (often in a social sense), they can be caught up in a web of materialism. the most difficult thing for may 19 people is to avoid entanglements (perhaps of their own making) and remain free to move. this conflict between fixed commitments and a desire to be free can be the central struggle in their lives. they must learn how to create freedom for themselves within ths boundaries of responsible positions, otherwise they will face great frustration. ”

this is an excerpt from the secret language of birthdays, by gary goldschneider and joost elffers. it’s pretty neat, at least i think so. i wish i could make the font size smaller.

maru the cat

September 26, 2009

maru’s human parents shoot video after video of him entertaining himself with boxes, bags, anything really. he can turn it into something amusing. if i had a cat like him, i would never want to go out. i’d sit at home, get high, and hang out with my cat. i think that’s what they do. except they add the whole video part. for catless people like me.