“9/8/09 English Agignment 1”

September 10, 2009


If I could pick an object to describe myself it would be a pair of pink pumps. Pink pumps are exciting and fun. Pumps are tall and filled with adventure. Pink adds that extra spark that makes the shoe amazing. Pink pumps describe me perfectly.

Pink is my favorite color in the whole world. I think pink is by far the best color created and it’s fantastic. Pink pumps are creative and crazy. That describes my life. I am a very upbeat energetic girl. Pink pumps make you feel happy. I can be loud at times and hot pink pumps are very loud or bold in color.

In psychology, the symbolize of pink is “youthful, fun and exciting.” The color pink in the medical field means “hope and awareness”. In religion pink means “happiness and joy.” In the movie Legally Blonde, Elle Woods says “pink encourages friendliness and stimulates energy.” All of these symbols represent me if I were a pink pump. I am always a very positive person and barely ever in a bad mood. Pink pumps are very fun to wear. I am a very fun person to be around. Pink pumps are very classy. Pink pumps are overall very luxurious, fabulous and glamorous.

i wish the type of font and color would show up. i’m not dedicated enough to this blog to figure out how to fuck with the font. however, you should know that the font was pink and curly. this was my sister’s first english writing assignment for her sophomore year of highschool. MAN. i really want to know what the response is going to be. not to mention the misspelling of “agignment 1” and the missuse of the word “symbolize.” oh, smidge.


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