how to stop a sneeze.

September 27, 2009

in a fit of sneezing yesterday, i wikihowed how to sneeze. some of my favorite suggestions were/are:

  • It is often possible to stop a sneeze late in the build up by sucking the tip of your finger. This works right up until the point when you actually initiate the sneeze.
  • Using all of your concentration, visualize a grapefruit. Imagine having one in front of you and observing the color, texture, shape, and any irregularities. Think about what happens when you cut it, and the color and amount of juice inside. This should distract your brain from the imminent sneeze.
  • This works for some people; Think really hard about sneezing
  • Think of a purple cow, it will make you completely forget about the sneezing.
  • For this one you will need a friend. Have him/her stand directly behind you, and then try and imagine yourself eating a very spicy taco. While you are doing this, have your friend flick your ear as hard as they can several times. This will overload the neural sensation preceeding the sneeze.

these ones are more practical. or at least seem to be, maybe they’re all just a hoax. i’ll never know until i test them all out.

  • Chewing a sugar free slightly menthol or spearmint gum helps to stop sneezing fits.
  • Hold your breath since right before you sneeze you take a breath so if you hold your breath you won’t sneeze.
  • Try taking a big deep breath in, simple & discreet for those occasions when needed.
  • Tap on your forehead between your eyes when you feel a sneeze coming on.
  • Push fingernail between teeth at gum line, bottom-row teeth are most effective. Repeat as necessary.
  • Clench your teeth together, but try to stick out your tongue (use the muscle to push against the backs of your front teeth).
  • Try using your finger to push up on the bottom of your nose as soon as you feel the tingling.
  • Your eyes instinctively close when sneezing. Holding your eyelids open will prevent your body from allowing a sneeze to occur.
  • Wiggle your ear lobe gently as you feel a sneeze coming on. This can look like you are playing with an earing or something, but does effectively stifle a sneeze.
  • Try using your thumb and index finger to firmly squeeze the bridge of your nose, pushing slightly toward the corners of your eyes. If you attempt this too late, your hand is already in front of your mouth and nose.
  • Press the top of your upper lip with a finger.
  • Pinch the tip of your nose when you feel that first tingle.
  • Press your tongue behind your two front teeth, where the roof of your mouth meets the gum palate or alveolar ridge. Press hard with your most powerful muscles against your teeth until the tickling sensation dissipates.

thanks wikiHow!


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