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life through photobucket

October 24, 2009

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1 joshua sabanosh
2 note the difference between this
3 and this
4 stuart
5 cat cookie
6 “i look like a pepper”
7 raefaecoleman, and i, comic book stylie.

fortune reads,

October 19, 2009

something like, watch out for straight trees, they still may have crooked roots.

choking on breathlessness, struggling to breathe is a scary thing.
toto was paid more than the munchkins in the making of the wizard of oz.
house is a great television show.
a cuter dog than casey may not exist; perhaps not aesthetically wise, but in terms of personality plus aesthetics, it’s a killer combination.
Photo 49
i cant wait to see where the wild things are.
more importantly, i can’t wait for a job.
alcohol is suffocating; promotes laziness.
quincy living makes me retrograde.
“tattoos give you hep c”
i have decided on a halloween character. rae and i are going to rock it.

chuman behavior.

October 14, 2009

polyamorous towards homes.

October 13, 2009


that back seat was a wonderful home.

snobbery aesthetics

October 13, 2009

aesthetic snobbery gets you
nowhere but lost pages
ripped and thrown away
deleted time and pictures

worth ten thousands of words a piece
cold hands too stiff to type
repiece with raised shoulders
iced toes. say no

||     i wish you would join me in this fight against the cold.
||     keep the space under the blankets warm against me.

what was that saves the day lyric?
“remember the only thing we need sometimes
are chilly nights and warmer thighs”

samantha ronson is a babe.

October 8, 2009

October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009