November 13, 2009

002 detroit_011
002 detroit_022
002 detroit_033
002 detroit_044
002 detroit_055
002 detroit_066



detroit sucked. don’t let these pictures of jolly joyous times steer you wrong. the city was mad weird, corporate, and desolate feeling. i did not feel cozy, nor want to figure out the city. maybe i was just in the wrong area all together. which could totally be the case. so if this offends you, me saying that detroit sucks, please enlighten me to the wonders of that horrible feeling city. we did not exchange the best first impressions.

1 businessmen work here.
2 big fucking waters.
3 ugly but interesting architecture? look at that tool piece of a walkway.
4 chris is obviously discontent with detroit.
5 or maybe it was that his shoes were falling apart.
6 i made a phonecall to report the problem. well, not really.


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