taurus gemini cusp

December 1, 2009

taurus represents the nuturing aspects of the ego- caring, managing, maintaining.
ruled by venus, taurus seeks harmony and is concerned with making its surroundings beautiful. bc taurus is both fixed and an earth sign, it is usually pictured as stubborn and confrontative- in the interest of harmony taurus can be surprisingly flexible however.

taurus gemini cusp, energy. taurus attracted to libra, scorpio, capricorn.

t-g cusp combines earthy
sensuous taurus traits with airey
more unstable and expansive
gemini ones, conflicts between
physical and mental considerations
may surface. sensation- thought
types, those born on this cusp
may lack a certain emotional
sensitivity and not trust their
intuitions enough. for this
reason they can mull over
emotional matters excessively
and at the same time seem
rather cool or unsympathetic
towards the feelings of
others. bc of their frenetic
pace, those born on the
t-g cusp are prone to burn
out-both physically and mentally.



taurus plants, daisy dandelion lily
taurus body parts, ears vocal chords neck and throat palate salivary glands cerebellum


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