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January 27, 2011

katie brumbach was one of the first female bodybuilders. also known as “sandwina,” she stood at 6 feet and weighed 210 pounds. with this fortress of a body, she was able to juggle canonballs, support a spinning merry go round of people riding on her CHEST, and tossing her 160 lb husband in the air.  on the unfortunate side, during her time (1884- 1952) female bodybuilders were likened to circus freaks. meh all the more power to her.

abbye “pudgy” stockton had it a little differently. introduced to weight lifting by her husband, she is responsible for bringing the image of the female bodybuilder out of the circus act and into the gym- as she also opened the very first woman only gym. hella cool broad, not to mention super cute, only 5 foot one and 115, she was a teeny lady- i love this photo of her.



annnd if you want to check out some of the guys photos// summary type things (they’re pretty great) there is TONS more information here! i just liked the ladies most.



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